Which Manufacturing Industries Impact Everyday Life?

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A government list shows 20 main manufacturing industries ranging from apparel to food to transportation equipment. In their main list, they even include miscellaneous manufacturing to make sure nothing gets missed. Have you ever wondered what types of manufacturing impact your daily life?

Food and Apparel Industries

Of course, two of those that are readily apparent are the food and apparel industries. Everyone needs food to eat and clothes to wear. However, you may not realize that the textile mill industry has to do it’s work before clothing gets made, so some industries must work hand in glove to get to the final product. Much of the food industry relies on industrial and commercial machinery to get it from the farm to the table.

Transportation Equipment and Furniture and Fixtures Industries

People have jobs that they need to get to, and there are many different transportation methods that get us to all the places we visit. Many of these vehicles rely on the metal and plastic industries for parts. Once we get to that restaurant, it would be challenging to sit down to a nice meal without furniture. We rely on the lumber and stone industries to do their part before furniture is created.

Paper and Electronic and Electrical Equipment Industries

The paper industry is important for anyone in school, but did you know that certain kinds of paper come from instrument manufacturing as well as miscellaneous industries? Nowadays, many people also rely on electronics and electrical equipment for studying with online schooling options. That industry relies on many other industries including a silicon wafer manufacturer for the semiconductors that are the base for the integrated circuits needed for a computer or cellphone to work.

The bottom line is that while we may think that just a few industries impact our lives, we constantly rely on multiple industries. Anyone who thinks manufacturing isn’t very important to the way we live needs to take just a minute and consider the mobile phone in their pocket.

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