Recycling Electronic Equipment

After a few years, your computer or laptop wears out and has trouble keeping up. New updates and operating systems have bogged down its processing. You are excited to get a new one but need to find a way to recycle what you have. Here are some tips to do that.

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Delete Your Identity

Before you research e-waste toronto facilities, you need to get rid of any personal information that might be stored on your system. Save whatever you have on your computer to a USB stick or an external drive. Delete any extra programs you may have especially any that retain your personal information. You will need to make sure they are uninstalled from your system also. You then might want to download a program that will wipe the drive clean to factory settings.

Dump Your Junk

It would seem that the easiest way to dispose of your computer would be to toss it in the trash. However, there are many communities that restrict having electronics disposed of that way. You will need to look into what your city allows. You may have to take it to the landfill and pay a fee to dispose of it. Another option is to take it to an electronics recycling company who will strip the machine for the parts they can resell then dispose of the rest properly. They will probably also charge you a fee.

Give It Away

Another option to dispose of your system is to donate it to a non-profit group. There are several organizations that will accept your machine without a fee. They rebuild computers to give to low income children to do their homework or to college students who need something for class. They also can resell them and use the proceeds to help their charity. They will either tear your machine down to use the parts or refurbish it and give it to someone who needs it.

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