Efficiency and Heat Recovery Steam Generators

Deaerator systems work within a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG). Overall, the HRSG allows steam to produce energy for a turbine system. A deaerator system is key in removing dissolved gasses like oxygen and carbon dioxide from the water source, decreasing the amount of rust that may build up inside a machine. Read on to learn more about deaerator systems and the benefits they provide.

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What is a Heat Recovery Steam Generator?

At its core, an HRSG produces steam and uses the heat of that steam to produce energy. Combined with a generator or a turbine, it can produce electrical energy. By using steam to generate electricity, an HRSG provides an efficient way to provide power without using outside sources. While there are two ways the system can be arranged based on deaerator type, HRSGs are typically composed of four components:

  • The water preheater
  • The superheater
  • The economizer
  • The evaporator

The Types of Deaerators

The two types of deaerator systems are the spray-type and the spay and trap-type. The main difference is the number of containers within the system and the way the water is deaerated and stored. With the spray-type deaerator, there is a single cylindrical container that deaerates the water and then stores it. Water within this system is preheated before entering the deaerator portion of the cylinder, and then the water is pumped into the boiler for storage.

Also referred to as a cascade-type deaerator, the spray and tray-type consist of two separate containers. One container provides the deaeration process, and the second container stores the water afterward. In this system, the water is deaerated and collected within trays inside the first chamber. From these trays, the water is then pumped into the storage cylinder.

Dearator systems provide many benefits, from decreasing the production of corrosive materials to improving efficiency within a boiler. Maintaining a deaerator system can provide a company with lasting efficiency.

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