Why Quality Compressed Air Filters Should Matter To You

No matter what industry you are in—food and beverage, automotive, electronic, or manufacturing—it is likely that at least part of your process uses air. It may be used just to dry sterilized equipment, or it may come in direct contact with your products in every phase. In any case, compressed air is important to your equipment and products—which means that your compressed air filters are too. What can superior compressed air filtration do for you?

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Protect Products

Because air is used to add texture to food, propel components along production lines and form packaging, it is crucial to keep the air clean. Otherwise, the very thing that is intended to protect food from contamination can actually introduce contaminants. Likewise, poorly filtered air can carry moisture in the form of water or oil, either of which may provide a breeding ground for unwanted organisms. To avoid such a scenario, filter compressors with quality products such as donaldson compressed air filters.

Protect Equipment

Even if your products never come in contact with compressed air, filters are still necessary. Compressed air is used to keep equipment clean or cooled, so if the air is not kept clean the equipment isn’t either. Clean devices are more reliable, stable and efficient; they experience less downtime and need fewer repairs. Conversely, allowing compressed air to introduce moisture, dust or dirt will speed component corrosion, cause excess wear, and require machines to use more energy during operation.

Protect Business

Repeatedly replacing parts, using more energy and slowing or halting production lines is bad for a company’s bottom line. Worse than wasting money, however, is producing inferior products. If you allow poorly filtered air to come in contact with food, drinks, pharmaceuticals or electronics, product quality is likely to suffer. One outbreak of foodborne illness or one faulty product recall can contaminate the reputation of the firm for years to come.

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