3 Things Customers Like to See at a Convenience Store

Gas stations and convenience stores might be small businesses, but they are a staple in America. Whether they realize it or not, people depend on these little stores in order to get through the day. Think about all the reasons to visit one: filling up the gas tank, grabbing a bottle of soda or even just dashing in to use the restroom. Sometimes the amenities offered are what create a loyal customer. Other times it’s the ease of access in relation to where customers work and live. In any case, there are certain characteristics of convenience stores that make some more appealing than others. Here are some of the key features that customers really appreciate when they visit a convenience store.

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Excellent Customer Service

There is never an excuse for rudeness, so instill the value of quality customer service to employees. Train them to be polite and kind to all clients all the time, and to remember the Golden Rule. They might not verbalize it, but customers appreciate a smile and being greeted as they walk into the shop. Patient, helpful employees go a long way. Take the time to hire quality staff, from the gas station service technician to the front desk clerk. Let the staff be one of the reasons that customers return again and again.

Broad Selection of Merchandise

Everyone has a story upon entering the jingling doors of a gas station’s convenience store. In order to make the endings to those stories happy ones, offer customers a wide variety of merchandise. Provide basic hygiene supplies like toothpaste and feminine products, and medical supplies like band-aids and stomach tablets. Offer more than junk food by giving customers fresher options. Healthier choices like salads and sandwiches can satisfy dietary restrictions and make for happier clientele.

Overall Cleanliness

Nobody wants their store to be remembered as the creepy one out of a nightmare. Alleviate any preconceived notions about the business by ensuring high standards of cleanliness. Take special care that the bathrooms are clean and well-stocked at all times. Instantly mop up any spills that might have occurred, and don’t let any surface get sticky. Take pride in the business and keep it well-groomed and maintained.

Owning a small business isn’t easy, but customers tend to gravitate to the gas stations and convenience stores that they are the most comfortable with. Take pride in the investment and keep old clients returning while bringing in new ones.

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