PUBG PC Update 22 Brings New Anti-Cheat Tech, Rank System, and More

PUBG PC Update 22 Brings New Anti-Cheat Tech, Rank System, and More

PUBG Mobile might be the most popular version of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, but that hasn’t stopped PUBG PC developer PUBG Corp from trying to improve the battle royale game that started it all. PUBG PC gets Update 22. This brings new anti-cheat tech, a rank system, and more. Replays have been updated as well so replay footage from past updates are no longer playable.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to combat cheating, we’ve developed a new anti-cheat system in-house at PUBG Corp. which we’re now bringing to live servers, after an extensive period on our test servers,” a post from the developer reads. It will be used in conjunction with the existing PUBG PC anti-cheat solution so expect to see a new pop-up when you start the game. Ticking the ‘Enable Anti-cheat’ box in-game allows PUBG Corp to check how effective it is.

“We’ve fixed previous compatibility issues experienced by some players, although we’ve kept the option to disable the new anti-cheat system while we go through the final stages of testing in the live server environment. Once testing is complete, you will be unable to disable this system,” the post continues.

Also new is a rank system. Details are sparse, but PUBG Corp says there are eight total ranks and ascending through them needs you to play 10 provisional matches first. Ranks are decided by points earned. Promotion and demotion through the ranks is decided by total points earned.

Furthermore, fixes have been made to PUBG PC’s UI. It sports a radial design allowing quick selection of items without opening the inventory or pressing separate keys. Players can now magnify the minimal in a match, and it’s easier to see when your friends have logged out or disconnected. You can check out the complete list of fixes on the official PUBG site.

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