Paytm Mall App Launched for Standalone E-commerce Services

Paytm has launched Paytm mall, a standalone e-commerce app. For years, Paytm has run its mobile wallet and e-commerce divisions together, and you use the same app to access both sides of the business. However, the company has been planning to separate the two as the wallet becomes a part of its payments bank, and the launch of Paytm Mall shows that this is now happening. Interestingly, Paytm Mall also evokes the name T-Mall, one of China’s biggest e-commerce players, and a part of the Alibaba Group, which is an investor in Paytm.

Paytm Mall App Launched for Standalone E-commerce Services

Earlier this month, there were reports that Paytm was raising $200 million from Alibaba, for its e-commerce business. Alibaba is also an investor in Snapdeal, and in 2016, was contemplating entering the country as a standalone entity in India. This investment in Paytm would show that it has chosen a way forward in India, at a time when Snapdeal is in trouble, clearly strapped for cash.

The Paytm Mall app was launched on Monday, and has all the expected categories, such as electronics, fashion, furnishings, and so on. As usual for Paytm’s marketplace, there are plenty of cashback offers, which will fill up your Paytm wallet in lieu of a discount. In that sense, the new app seems to simplify the Paytm experience, with shopping and wallet not having to compete for attention, while the features and experience remain otherwise the same.

The main Paytm app was also updated recently – on Friday, according to a blog post. The update promises faster responses and better experience, and has added new uses such as paying loan instalments, and simplifying utility bill payments. There’s also a sample electricity bill feature that’s been added, which lets you see sample bills for different service providers that highlight the different fields, so you can more easily find the relevant information on your own bill.

The Paytm Mall app itself looks and functions a lot like the main Paytm app – tap the mall button on the latter’s navigation pane, and the experience seems largely identical. Does this indicate that the mall is going to go away entirely from the main Paytm app? On Monday, Paytm announced that it has crossed 200 million wallets, so it might feel that it is beneficial to let transactions take the focus on the new app.

Google Maps update puts a focus on navigation inside the app

Over the past few weeks Google has added in-app Uber booking and parking availability to Maps, but it isn’t done with the improvements. In an update rolling out today, the app will receive some better navigation—not in how we drive but in how we get around the maps navigation

A blog post details the change, which will only affect the Android version of Maps. The update adds a new menu bar to the bottom of the home screen that brings easy access to three common features: places, driving, and transit. Designed to cut down on the number of taps you’ll need to make to get directions and find restaurants, the update focuses on delivering real time at a glance, according to a Google blog post:

Under the new places tab, users will find lists of restaurants and bars around you, as well as a search bar that lets you find ATMs, pharmacies, gas stations and grocery stores. Additionally, if you tap the car icon you’ll be able to quickly get an estimated time of arrival for going home or to work, as well as traffic conditions and any possible reported delays. Finally, the subway icon will show you the best train or bus to catch for your commute, or you check out schedules for stations and stops near you.

google maps nav
Google Maps’ new navigation helps you get the information you need quickly.

 We all love Google Maps, but let’s face it, no one wants to spend any more time with it than they have to. With this latest update, Google hasn’t added any new features, but by streamlining the interface a bit, it will help us get where we’re going that much faster.

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Myntra Distances Itself From Ad Spoofing Draupadi

Myntra Distances Itself From Ad Spoofing Draupadi

  • Ad spoofing Draupadis disrobing not ours, says Mnytra
  • Myntra attacked on Twitter for ad
  • Ad maker confirms Myntra not involved

The advertisement was an absolute train wreck with #BoycottMyntra trending on Twitter all of Friday morning. The sound of jaws dropping everywhere could be heard virtually. And then hours after the ad went public, fashion site Myntra said “it wasn’t us.” In a statement to NDTV, Myntra said “This creative was done and posted by a third party (ScrollDroll) without our knowledge or approval. They have already pulled down the illustration and apologised publicly for the same. Myntra does not endorse it. We will be pursuing legal action against them for using our brand”

Turns out the ad which was created in February and then appeared again online on Thursday on Lord Krishna’s birthday, spoofing Draupadi’s disrobing in the Mahabharata, was the work of a digital marketing agency. The agency confirmed that Myntra was not to blame.

Scroll Droll, based in Delhi, does digital marketing and online art work, and published the creative without authorisation from Myntra.

Mytra was bought by Flipkart for $300 million in 2014.


Dropbox Forces Some Users to Reset Passwords; Cites Leaked Credential Cache

Dropbox Forces Some Users to Reset Passwords; Cites Leaked Credential Cache

  • Users registered before mid-2012 will be asked to reset their passwords
  • Those who haven’t changed their password since then will also be asked
  • This is due to a hacked file obtained by its intelligence team

Dropbox has sent out password resets to all of its users that have signed up for the service prior to mid-2012, or not changed their password since that time. The company asserts that no accounts have been hacked, and the reset is being done as “purely a preventative measure”.

The cloud storage company elaborates that measure is being taken after its intelligence team obtained an old set of Dropbox credentials (email addresses as well as hashed and salted passwords that may have been leaked in an ‘incident’ in 2012, referring to the massive Linkedin hack that year. The usernames and passwords stolen in the Linkedin hack, were used to sign in to many Dropbox accounts as well at that time. This obtained file also links back to the LinkedIn hack, and Dropbox is taking preventive measures to stop it from reoccurring. This file was held quietly for many years, but as it surfaced again, Dropbox wants all of its old users to reset their passwords.

If you are a Dropbox user, we recommend you to change your password anyway, even if you’ve registered for the service post 2012. Users who joined Dropbox before mid-2012, or who haven’t changed their password since then, will get a password reset prompt automatically when they next sign in. Just follow the steps to change password, and ensure that you have strong password for added security (Dropbox has a password strength meter, use a mix of letters, numerals, and symbols). For users who haven’t received a prompt, head to this page, enter registered email ID, and click the link that you receive in email to enter your new password.

Dropbox even asks users to enable two-step verification for added security. In order to enable this, sign-in to Dropbox, and head to Settings > Security > Enable Two-Step Verification. This will add OTP as an added process every time you log-in. In 2014, Dropbox faced its first massive leak. An anonymous hacker got hold of roughly 7 million usernames and passwords and posted them all on PasteBin. However, Dropbox refused to acknowledge the leak, and claimed that the usernames and passwords were unfortunately stolen from other services and used in attempts to log in to Dropbox accounts.


Amazon’s Rumoured Cheaper Music Service Illustrates Its Smart Home Ambitions

Amazon's Rumoured Cheaper Music Service Illustrates Its Smart Home Ambitions

Amazon is expected to release a cheaper music service exclusively for its Echo devices, according to a report from Recode. The service will cost substantially less than other subscription music services, at either $4 or $5 per month, Recode’s Peter Kafka reports. Most monthly music subscriptions cost about $10 per month.

Amazon declined to comment on the reports. Amazon chief executive Jeffrey Bezos is also the owner of The Washington Post.

Details on the reported service are thin, but it seems as though users will be able to listen to on-demand, ad-free music through Amazon’s smart home devices. It’s not clear how Amazon will differentiate the service from competitors, apart from its price.

Right now, it’s possible to hook the Echo – a combination Bluetooth speaker and home assistant – to a variety of music services, including Amazon’s own Prime Music and competitors such as Spotify. The Recode report makes clear that one trade-off of the new, cheaper service would be that users can’t access this service’s music through their phones — only through Amazon’s Echo speakers.

That’s a bit of a surprise. Mobile devices have become the most common way that people listen to music; for example, Spotify reported early last year that 52 percent of its users are now mobile.

But home music and entertainment have been a top priority for the online retailer. For example, the company recently made its online video service available as a standalone product for $10 per month. Previously, video had only been a perk of Amazon’s $79 per year Prime service.

Introducing Echo-only music service would more closely tie Amazon’s entertainment push with another major priority for the company: the connected home. The Echo, which was first introduced in 2014 and houses the Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, is the clearest example of Amazon’s ambitions for the high-tech home.

And it seems to have been well-received. While Amazon itself hasn’t released sales numbers, the Information reported that the company sold 1 million units in the second half of 2015, and hopes to sell as many as 10 million in 2017. Offering a cheap, at-home music service tied to the Echo, may not have Amazon address the biggest possible market, but it does provide another selling point for the Echo.

And mobile users may still have a product coming down the pipeline. Amazon is also expected to introduce a $10 per month music service that is more on par with full offerings from Spotify, Google,Apple and others, according to a June Reuters report.

Google’s Now on tap update Brings text choose and photograph seek

Google’s Now on faucet become one of the spotlight features of Android Marshmallow delivered last year. it is a Google seek function that gets brought on while a person holds the home button of the device strolling Android 6.0 Marshmallow and offers contextual statistics around the subject matter mentioned in the display currently open. it works inside any app and automatically searches the context gift at the display screen by way of simply long urgent the house button.

Google's Now on Tap Update Brings Text Select and Image Search

Google on Wednesday updated its Now on faucet including new abilties including device-wide dictionary and seek by photo. With the modern day replace, Google search can now assist users with right records by means of simply choosing the text at the display and Google will provide its definition in addition to hyperlinks to any applicable apps. Google says the new replace to Now on tap is ‘available anywhere’ although notes that phrase definitions can be presently to be had in English best. It says other languages may be rolling out over the approaching weeks.

The replace to Now on faucet also adds the second functionality in which customers can find a region visible in a picture with the aid of sincerely touching and keeping the house button to get a card with greater info. Aneto Okonkwo, Product manager, Google says that the capabilities works across all apps.

additionally, Google may even provide actual time contextual facts by the usage of the camera app. The corporation explains that users through their digital camera app can get more information about what they are looking at.

Google gives an instance of the Bay Bridge, if a person stands in the front of the famous shape and opens up the digicam app, touch and holds the home button, Now on tap will provide data card about the structure alongside deep links to relevant apps. Okonkwo explains that this feature works for more than just famous systems.

India among pinnacle 5 nations Attacked with the aid of Ransomware Kaspersky

India is among the pinnacle five countries inside the international to be attacked by using ransomware malware that forces its sufferers to pay a ransom through sure online payment methods with a purpose to grant get right of entry to to their systems, or to get their facts again, says an government from Russia-based totally software program safety institution Kaspersky Lab.

India Among Top 5 Countries Attacked by Ransomware: Kaspersky

“Ransomware attacks are excessive in India and it is one the top 5 international locations that has most infections,” Vitaly Kamluk, Head of APAC worldwide studies and evaluation crew, Kaspersky Lab, advised IANS.

in line with records supplied with the aid of Kamluk all through a spherical desk dialogue on “security hazard panorama” here on Friday, India takes the primary spot in the listing of countries that have been attacked through Teslacrypt ransomware in March-may additionally 2016 and ranked fourth within the nations that was attacked via Locky ransomware all through the identical length.

In India, at the same time as eleven,674 users have been attacked by using TeslaCrypt ransomware in the course of March-can also 2016, 564 users had been attacked by means of Locky ransomware throughout the same duration.

Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents or limits customers from accessing their system.

Locky is a home windows ransomware contamination that was released inside the middle of February 2016. This ransomware contamination influences all versions of windows.

TeslaCrypt ransomware is now defunct. Its master key was released through the builders and a free decryption tool is now to be had at the internet.

whilst explaining the information acquired by way of Kaspersky Labs, Kamluk said Karnataka (36.fifty eight in line with cent) become the most affected country with ransomware with Tamil Nadu (16.seventy two per cent) taking the following spot.

next came Maharashtra (10.86 percent), observed by means of Delhi (10.00 percentage), West Bengal (6.70 percent), Uttar Pradesh (5.33 percentage), Telangana (four.54 percentage), Kerala (3.87 percent), Gujarat (2.35 percentage) and Haryana (1.ninety six percent) at the ultimate spot.

whilst speakme approximately the global trends, Kamluk said there are majorly five forms of ransomware that are making the rounds on the internet these days encryption ransomware, grasp boot file (MBR) ransomware, display screen locker, ransomware encrypting web servers and cell device ransomware, that’s majorly affecting Android devices.

Kamluk mentioned that net customers who aren’t aware are the entities maximum liable to ransomware assaults.

“famous propagation techniques of the infection include inflamed websites, malvertising (malicious marketing), transfer of affected document via 1ec5f5ec77c51a968271b2ca9862907d – along with documents or multimedia documents or instant message and social networks,” he referred to.

while answering a question approximately whether to pay or not to pay to get the statistics back, Kamluk said, “an attacked user ought to no longer pay the ransom as there is no guarantee that the attacker will release a key to you”.

To be secure or to keep away from data loss after being attacked by a cyber criminal, Kemluk suggested the customers to have backups and keep it in a secure area. He said users must use reliable antivirus solution and update them regularly to patch any inclined loopholes.

He stated governments and antivirus service organizations have to work together to test the cyber assaults.

“CoinVault decryptor was constructed with the aid of Kaspersky Lab and the Netherlands’ country wide high Tech Crime Unit to counter such attacks,” he noted, including that hundreds of decryption keys are to be had for CoinVault, Bitcryptor and CryptXXX infections with the company.

On being asked, will there be a decline in antivirus software utilization after the launch of hardware protection modules along with “crypto-degree security in hardware” in microprocessors, Kemluk said, “Antivirus software program is kind of a non-public marketing consultant. until you have a completely technical friend to reverse engineer the chance, you’ll need those softwares to do this give you the results you want. Antivirus softwares are going to live due to the fact builders could be growing new softwares over the years.”

Kaspersky is now rolling out 360-degree protection answers for establishments, Altaf Halde, dealing with Director (South Asia) Kaspersky Lab, India said.

“we’ve started out offering very focussed services to the organizations, which includes solutions for records centres, mild agent solution for virtualised surroundings that doesn’t degrade its speed and performance and answers for commercial security,” Halde noted.

Twitter Holds Merger Talks With Yahoo

Executives from the sinking micro-blogging website Twitter have met Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to speak about merger possibilities, the media suggested.

AMD to Partner With Telangana VLSI Academy

at the management meeting, Twitter and Yahoo executives spent numerous hours hashing out Yahoo’s financials and whether a strategic combination would possibly make experience, a source close to the talks instructed the ny publish on Friday.

“Twitter is the destination for instant news and Yahoo has quite a few eyeballs on its web page. The concept is not as crazy as you would possibly assume,” the supply become quoted as announcing.

in line with the file, Twitter appeared specifically interested by taking statistics out of Yahoo and it bowed out of the bidding process soon. Twitter CEO Dorsey did no longer show up for the Yahoo meeting.

“whilst your CEO does now not show up for a management meeting, you need to surprise how severe it turned into,” the supply stated, including that Twitter’s interest became now not driven with the aid of “a few large thesis – it became a flyer”.

meanwhile, a Twitter spokesperson has stated that the agency does now not touch upon rumour and hypothesis.

Yahoo officers declined to comment.

2d-spherical bids for Yahoo’s core net enterprise are due early next week with telecom massive Verizon nevertheless seen as leading the p.c..

Nest Co-Founder Fadell Flies the Coop

Nest co-founder Tony Fadell stated Friday he changed into stepping out as head of the Alphabet-owned company to end up an advisor to chief executive Larry page.

Nest Co-Founder Fadell Flies the Coop

Former Apple engineers Fadell and Matt Rogers founded Nest six years ago, launching with a thermostat that synchs to the net and learns from use styles.

Google received Nest in early 2014 in a deal worth $3.2 billion, and it later became a unit of a freshly-formed parent enterprise called Alphabet.

Nest offerings have expanded to consist of smart home security cameras at the side of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Nest has also come to be part of Alphabet’s method to be a platform for gadgets to be linked and managed in smart houses.

“beneath Tony’s management, Nest has catapulted the related domestic into the mainstream, secured leadership positions for every of its merchandise, and grown its revenue in extra of fifty percentage yr-over-yr for the reason that they started out shipping products,” Alphabet chief web page stated in a announcement.

web page hailed Fadell as a “visionary.”

the brand new boss of Nest will be Marwan Fawaz, an enterprise veteran who has achieved stints as an executive at Motorola Mobility and constitution Communications.

Cadell said that discussions about him stepping down as Nest chief began last year, and that he felt the organization turned into being put into sturdy fingers with Fawaz at the helm.

“i have decided that the time is proper to ‘depart the Nest,’” Fadell stated in a web publish.

He added that his new role as an Alphabet advisor ought to offer “extra time and versatility to pursue new opportunities to create and disrupt different industries.”

Unicode to deliver seventy two New Emojis including Face Palm, Selfie

Normal emoji customers could be excited to know that the Unicode Consortium has delivered seventy two new emojis. The final list of seventy two new emojis set to be a part of Unicode could be released this month.

Unicode 9.0 to Bring 72 New Emojis Including Face Palm, Selfie

A number of the new emojis due for Unicode include rolling at the floor giggling, face with cowboy hat, clown face, lying face, drooling face, prince, guy in tuxedo, face palm, pregnant female, guy dancing, selfie, hand with index and center palms crossed, call me hand, handshake, black coronary heart, gorilla, potato, carrot, cucumber, peanuts, kiwifruit, avocado, potato, carrot, cucumber, peanuts, croissant, baguette bread, pancakes, crammed flatbread, pancakes, William Maxwell Aitken, egg, glass of milk, spoon, scooter, first vicinity medal, boxing glove, martial arts uniform, wrestlers, water polo, handball, and juggling.

The report says that the new emojis to be able to be introduced in 2016 can be a part of the Unicode and will be released next yr.

Emojipedia claims that important agencies together with Apple, Google, and Microsoft will begin including the brand new emojis thru OTA releases from June 21.

The Unicode Consortium explains that a number of the new emojis were delivered to Unicode for ‘kind of reasons’. Giving an instance of face with cowboy hat, the Consortium explains that it became delivered for compatibility with the emoji used in the Yahoo Messenger. It provides that a number of emojis were delivered because of predicted high frequency of use.

lately, fb delivered a ton of latest emojis in particular 1,500 for its standalone Messenger app that protected better representation of girls, and more pores and skin tones.