Duke Nukem 3D World Tour Leaked?

Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour Leaked?

  • Once popular FPS franchise Duke Nukem might be making a comeback
  • Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour is possibly a remaster of Duke Nukem 3D
  • The last game in the series was the poorly received Duke Nukem Forever

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a game in the Duke Nukem series. The last entry was Duke Nukem Forever that released after nearly a decade in development hell, and, was critically panned. You’d think that would be the last of Duke Nukem’s adventures. And that’s where you’d be wrong. According to eagle-eyed Redditors, Duke Nukem 3D is being remastered with development duties handed over to Nerve Software.

“These are official. This is a Duke 3D remaster. In many ways, you can look at this game as a Duke Nukem 3D remix as there will be a lot of new/original content added in as well. From my understanding, these screens are just a handful out of a bunch of press shots that will be coming out in the following days,” said a source to user Tezla55.

It appears that the game will have co-op and online deathmatch too. While we’re yet to hear any news on this being official or not, it would be best to temper expectations given that the screenshots lookmildly cleaner than what the game was when it originally released back in the day and Nerve Software’s website doesn’t work. Furthermore, the Duke Nukem website itself is a mess, sporting what appears to be a half-finished WordPress theme. After all, attempts at trolling aren’t unheard of in the games industry.

Would you play a new Duke Nukem game? Or does Doom do enough to scratch the itch for old school gaming goodness? Let us know in the comments.


Flipkart online Gaming Championship announced

After we have visible the likes of Lenovo suitable India’s bubbling e-sports activities scene to promote laptops, it’s now the flip of India’s answer to Amazon to stake a declare in aggressive gaming in the state.

Flipkart Online Gaming Championship Announced

Flipkart has introduced it will have a month lengthy event presenting FIFA, Counter-Strike: worldwide Offensive, League of Legends, and Dota 2. Dubbed the Flipkart on line Gaming Championship (FGOC), it will take region online and be live streamed on Amazon-owned Twitch from June 3 to July eleven.

“Globally, gaming is taken into consideration as one of the key pillars of internet financial system. In India, gaming is a gap however a fast evolving and growing section specifically inside the metros. At Flipkart we have witnessed near 50 percentage growth on this category inside the closing six months alone,” said Adarsh okay Menon, vice chairman, Electronics and vehicle at Flipkart in a organized statement. “Our goal is to become the biggest destination for each game enthusiasts as well as gaming product manufacturers and also contribute toward growing the Indian gaming ecosystem. manufacturers like Alienware, Dell, Sony, and Microsoft are already witnessing high-quality growth on our platform of their gaming portfolio and we count on this call for to double within the next six months.”

It appears to be a excellent alternate of affairs thinking about that ultimate yr, the organisation became seeking to go out gaming altogether after some poor quarters. though, its claims of 50 percentage boom is controversial to say the least according to numerous assets within the deliver chain.

“Flipkart and Amazon make up around 30 percentage of the market for video games,” a sub distributor explains to gadgets 360. “In phrases of providing thru their very own dealers, WS Retail for Flipkart and Cloud Tail for Amazon, they are nearly on par with a five or 10 percentage difference. however the moment you consist of market sales, Amazon without problems has it beat.”

No extra evidence of that is seen than within the sales of PS4 extraordinary Uncharted four. in line with those close to both marketplaces, the sport offered 4,500 on Amazon and round 1,500 on Flipkart – making the difference a whole lot vaster.

And while it’s admirable for the website online to claim that FGOC exists to “provide the developing gaming network and gaming fans a platform to hook up with every other and discover the nice games which are available within the Indian marketplace”, Flipkart’s match has the likes of FIFA – a recreation that’s now not even officially available on its storefront.

this is because Amazon has sole exclusivity on all games from writer EA which includes FIFA. in the meantime Dota 2 and League of Legends are free to play, making Counter-Strike: international Offensive the handiest one available and that too, given that it is one of the most extensively performed games inside the united states, we marvel how a whole lot more exposure Indian game enthusiasts want to it.

however, we’ve got reached out to Flipkart for comment. however as it stands, it appears that evidently the organization is woefully disconnected from marketplace realities.

Epic targets to make Paragon sense more like a MOBA

Epic is looking at making a few large changes to its MOBA Paragon, to cope with what Lead Hero dressmaker Cameron Winston defined as shortcomings in some of the game’s “key areas.” The trouble, he said in a weblog publish entitled “Committing to trade: The future of our Meta,” is that Paragon does not have the “middle ‘feeling’” of a MOBA, and the purpose for that is especially that it does not require gamers to commit to their movements.


“The ones things that MOBA players recognise: know-how how, and when, to exchange map role for objectives; a way to capitalize on a team wipe; the way to rotate; where to be secure and wherein you’re at danger. We need more of all of this! the whole lot comes down to one middle concept: dedication,” he wrote. “commitment means making significant selections that depend. alternatives that have execs and cons and beget effects. this is the soul of what makes MOBAs tick, and it’s what we’re trying to enhance most proper now.”

One in every of the biggest modifications will be to the manner gamers get across the map. currently, the tour Mode speeds mean “lane commitments aren’t meaningful, combat commitments aren’t as massive as they should be, and lane rotations show up too fast without effect.” players can move too fast, which diminishes the sport’s strategic element and might cause fits to run too lengthy. To address the trouble, Epic will put off tour Mode, “or another version of on-call for dynamic player movement that doesn’t stem from unique hero kit or card abilties,” absolutely.

As opposed to tour Mode, Paragon gamers could be capable of teleport immediately to in which they need to be. The tradeoff is that the teleport ability may have a cooldown, so that you’ll want to make sure approximately wherein you’re going before you are making the trip. “that all goes lower back to the original intention: commitment,” Winston wrote. “this is crucial for combat engagements and for a variety of the other things we need to repair. those adjustments imply that fights will simply occur and that players don’t have a unfastened break out (aka journey Mode) making heroes that have an escape capability extra significant.”

There will also be modifications to Card strength sharing, set to roll out subsequent week, so one can discourage the tendency of players to roam round in large corporations, and Jungle kill CP awards will cross absolutely to the very last hitter, without a credit for assists, to emphasise that “the Jungle is intended to be a solo-person operation.” The variety of minions in lane is being reduced to four, and their motion speed is being cut as well. adjustments to shorten healthy period and deal with vision manipulate are also in the works.

Winston warned that a number of the adjustments he pointed out won’t make it into the game precisely as he defined. “game improvement is a messy iterative procedure in which the first-class laid plans of mice and men frequently get checked in at three a.m. by means of some guy whose Perforce name you can’t pretty apprehend,” he wrote.

ESL pronounces first six-discern Overwatch match

ESL has announced that the primary Overwatch match with a six-discern prize pool will take region over August 20-21 at this 12 months’s Gamescom.


The Overwatch Atlantic Showdown at ESL Gamescom will pit 8 teams, four from the usa and 4 from Europe, in opposition to every different for a share of a $one hundred,000 prize pool. Open qualifiers hosted on ESL Play will begin on June 27, and continue for 4 days in line with week throughout July. The open qualifiers could be accompanied through nearby qualifiers, and then a very last on-line qualifier. tournament institution ranges will take location at the Saturday of Gamescom, even as the finals will pass down on Sunday.

further records approximately the Overwatch Atlantic Showdown at ESL Gamescom might be introduced as the event grows closer. For now, you can discover extra approximately what is occurring at eslgaming, and approximately the Gamescom event itself at gamescom-cologne.

iBuyPower makes style statement with new detail pc

If it’s a flowery or elegant looking computer you are after, iBuyPower may not be the first system builder that involves mind. It sits someplace between a bulk OEM and boutique developers like Maingear and digital typhoon, though iBuyPower may be trying to change that notion with its new detail laptop.

The detail represents iBuyPower’s “subsequent breakthrough” in excessive-stop, customizable laptop layout, along side its “commitment to function in addition to style.” New heights, in other words.

to provide the detail its excessive brow look, the case pairs tempered glass facet and front panels with a strong steel frame. The needful bling comes within the form of “smart lighting” technology, which is basically LED lighting that you can customize with unique hues and consequences.

There are 3 baseline configurations to pick out from. The least high priced starts offevolved at $889 and consists of an AMD FX-6300 processor, MSI 970A SLI Krait edition motherboard, 8GB of DDR3-1866 memory, Radeon R9 380 pix cards, 1TB difficult power, and windows 10 domestic.

The center tier setup starts at $1,379 and bumps matters as much as an Intel core i7-6700K processor, MSI Z170A SLI Plus motherboard, 8GB of DDR4-2800 RAM, and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 photos card, also with a 1TB HDD and windows 10.

on the pinnacle end starting at $1,709, iBuyPower enhancements the CPU to an Intel core i7-5820K, swaps the pictures card for a GeForce GTX 1080, and provides a 256GB SSD to the storage equation.

All of those setups are configurable with iBuyPower providing a bevy of improve options. if you wanted to, you could break the bank by way of decking this aspect out with a middle i7-6950X processor, 64GB of DDR4-3200 RAM, twin GeForce GTX 1080 pics playing cards, and so forth. the ones alternatives alone, along side a 1,000W electricity supply, jacked the charge up to a touch over $4,900.

Jon Snow actor kit Harington is the terrible man in call of responsibility

Activision has showed that package Harington, otherwise called sport of Thrones’ sexy bastard Jon Snow, could be the head bad guy in the approaching shooter call of duty: infinite warfare.

“kit is an excellent talent, and the consummate pro,” Infinity Ward Narrative Director Taylor Kurosaki said. “Our story is ready an epic showdown of opposing forces, and kit immersed himself into the position and honestly became the embodiment of the enemy, the settlement protection the front. We can’t wait for enthusiasts to peer package play a wholly distinct form of person.”

The settlement defense the front, or SDF, is an limitless warfare faction that fights SATO, the sun associated Treaty corporation. consistent with the call of obligation Wiki, the group is made from “brutal and militant radicals [who] are seeking to manipulate all assets and wealth from outposts throughout the sun system, putting a stranglehold on the international locations of Earth.” not a good deal is thought past that due to the fact endless battle isn’t always certainly out yet.

Activision also said that it “labored intently” on the sport with director guy Ritchie, he of Lock stock, grasp, and Madonna fame. Ritchie directed the “wonder” trailer for Black Ops 2 a few years in the past.

“man Ritchie is a chum of the franchise, so it was exceptional to have him back to paintings with us, helping in bringing package Harington’s individual to existence in infinite war,” Infinity Ward Studio Head Dave Stohl stated. “It intended a lot to us to broaden the position into everything it may be. we are excited about the overall performance kit introduced and can not wait to get it out to the public. we are committed to turning in a compelling tale with rich man or woman depth, and this become a unique opportunity to add to our superb forged.”

there is likely a recreation of Thrones convergence comic story to be made right here, however I don’t truely watch the display and so i’ll simply factor out that this is a long way from the first bit of high-profile casting to manifest inside the CoD franchise. both Black Ops and Black Ops 2 had nicely-stacked casts, and advanced warfare became headlined through Academy Award-winner Kevin Spacey. guy Ritchie’s presence makes a little much less feel to me; he is directed a few fun films and it is continually exceptional to have any other call to drop, however “wealthy person intensity” isn’t always what I think of as the enchantment of call of obligation.

call of responsibility: infinite warfare comes out on November 4.

Microsoft’s Xbox One starts previewing Anniversary Updates, with Cortana and progressed sharing

As Microsoft begins rolling out some of its Anniversary update capabilities to windows 10 customers, it’s also doing so with the Xbox One: adding Cortana, and improving how game clips may be captured, edited, and shared.


It’s no longer so simple as all that, even though. just as Microsoft is pushing laptop features to its game console, so too are improvements on their manner to the beta Xbox app for windows 10, inclusive of 60 fps recording of windows games from the sport bar, and the ability to share brief clips to Twitter. meanwhile, Microsoft has begun fusing the home windows keep and the Xbox store to offer a single experience across both systems.

Microsoft isn’t releasing the new updates to absolutely everyone; that ought to occur later this summer season. alternatively, most effective the ones who’ve signed up for the Xbox Preview application will get hold of the Xbox One updates this week, and windows Insiders must see the updates to the beta Xbox app within the coming weeks, Microsoft said. The updates may even roll out in waves, so there’s no real assure when you’ll in reality get hold of them.

Why this subjects: Microsoft’s stated formerly that Cortana might in the end make an appearance at the Xbox One, with a particular attention on games. It’s the nearer ties with windows 10—and specifically the social aspects—that seem particularly full-size, even though. Rumors of greater effective Xboxes aside, Microsoft nevertheless hasn’t established the Xbox One as the dominant console, so bringing pc and console game enthusiasts closer collectively helps Microsoft cement an alliance between the two. And if that doesn’t work, making it clean to proportion clips on social media like Twitter can at the least make it appear like it’s succeeding.

Xbox One: Cortana, no Kinect needed

Microsoft plans to roll out 4 new features to the Xbox One: Cortana, stepped forward sharing, an improved sport collection tab, and a way to quick find out fb buddies that (secretly?) game.

Cortana’s nevertheless the same virtual assistant she usually has been, even though don’t expect her with the intention to carry out pc-associated functions (like dictate e-mail) without the related home windows 10 app. instead, she’s committed to sport-specific capabilities along with inviting buddies to sport parties and launching games. you could additionally trigger Cortana whilst doing some thing else, like playing a recreation. There’s one big improvement, even though—you don’t need a Kinect to command her, only a headset.

(Twitter person Stephen Hayden notes that Cortana will take the vicinity of Xbox instructions. In different phrases, you currently say “Xbox, open that” to open a notification. Now you’ll ask Cortana to do it instead.)

Xbox One cortana

you could effortlessly (and orally) shape parties the usage of Cortana, Microsoft says.

Microsoft also streamlined the manner in which customers can proportion screenshots, GameDVR clips, and greater. up to now, though, this optimization is just for the Xbox live community—in case you need to proportion to Twitter, as an instance, you’ll want the updates to the beta Xbox app.

This transition is important, but; Microsoft hasn’t made a massive deal of the reality that the Xbox stay community tab within the Xbox One is virtually a fairly sophisticated social community—just one which trades in clips and screenshots, rather than lengthy rants or meme GIFs. Facilitating that social network have to assist it benefit traction. ideally, of direction, it’ll enlarge and siphon off users from other social networks, and that’s where the facebook pal Finder comes in.

The FFF is instead simple: in case you upload your facebook account statistics to the Xbox One, Microsoft will sniff out your fb buddies and discover if they play video games, too. formerly, you could faucet into this best via the Xbox app on home windows 10; now you could do it on the only, too.

Xbox One new game collection

The games tab scrolls vertically now, and Microsoft’s streamlined it a piece.

sooner or later, Microsoft has reorganized the games tab at the Xbox One to scroll down, not throughout. It additionally seems that Microsoft may also have lumped any outside drives together with the inner drive in the Xbox One, so that your video games surely appear in one shared pool of storage.

windows 10’s Xbox app: recording, modifying, sharing video games
The windows recreation Bar (WIN + G) lets in you to document supported windows 10 games; home windows 10 Insider build 14352 added aid for some more famous 1/3-party video games: League of Legends, world of Warcraft, DOTA 2, Battlefield 4, Counterstrike: worldwide Offensive, and Diablo III. (Microsoft is merging the home windows Insider application with the Xbox One Preview program.)

the game Bar also allows you to file clips even as the game is maximized, in complete-screen mode. And to tackle YouTube, Microsoft now permits you to report the ones video games at 60 frames according to second, using a new “Very high” video fine placing. You have to be able to see (and manage) the ones video games from inside your profile, too.

if you do record a video clip through the sport DVR function, you’ll be capable of edit the clip the usage of any video editor after which re-upload it to Xbox live. which means you need to be able to upload it to every other service as well—including Twitter, which Microsoft will explicitly assist in the app.

windows 10, Xbox One move closer together
Microsoft has made it clean that the future of home windows gaming will integrate both the Xbox and home windows pc worlds, and Microsoft’s sooner or later begun transferring the 2 nearer collectively.

Xbox One stores view

A look at the made over Xbox One keep.

Microsoft has said that it’s all started to combine the “satisfactory” of the Xbox save and windows store into a unmarried cohesive experience—even though there are still two separate marketplaces. at the Xbox One, Microsoft stated it must be easier to choose out which games are currently on sale, and to determine whether they’re really worth buying with greater textual evaluations written by customers. (For now, it appears that UWP apps that span both structures will be given pride of region.)

inside the windows store, Microsoft said you’ll be able to browse and buy bundles, episodic games, and season passes. proper now, you have to dig thru the app description to find out if there’s any DLC or other extras.

On Xbox live, although, the belief of a single cohesive experience has moved a chunk in addition forward, though. Xbox One video games like Quantum damage have their very own recreation Hubs, or committed mini-sites to talk about the game, updates, and so on. “pinnacle” laptop games like League of Legends will quickly be getting their very own recreation Hubs.

Xbox One Win32 gamehub

computer video games will obtain their very own committed game Hubs.

Microsoft also said which you’ll have greater control over what you proportion to Xbox live, so that you can choose and choose the first-rate components of your gaming existence—just like fb!

Facebook, Unity Partner to Take on Steam and Other PC Gaming Platforms

Facebook, Unity Partner to Take on Steam and Other PC Gaming Platforms
  • Facebook is partnering with Unity to distribute PC games
  • Developers can get access to Unity 5.4 to export games to Facebook
  • There is also an app in the works for PCs

In its quest to be all things to all people, Facebook announced its intentions to take on the likes of GOG and Steam.

Collaborating with Unity – one of the most widely used game engines across platforms, the social network is building a downloadable, dedicated games platform in addition to expanding the website experience for gamers.

(Also see: Steam on Windows 10 Will Get ‘Progressively Worse’: Gears of War Developer)

“Unity and Facebook are joining forces to build new functionality into Unity that streamlines the process for exporting and publishing games onto Facebook,” wrote Facebook’s Jack King Choi. “This will allow Unity developers to quickly deliver their games to the more than 650 million players who enjoy playing Facebook-connected games every month – a massive and highly-engaged gaming community that enabled Facebook to pay out over $2.5 billion to just web-game developers in 2015 alone.”

From Thursday, a limited group of developers will be able to access a closed-alpha build of Unity 5.4 to allow them to build and export games to Facebook’s website and desktop app. This could mean a glut of Android and iOS games ported to PC quickly as most of them are running on Unity.

It’s no surprise that PC gaming has seen a resurgence of late what with the likes of Steam, GOG, and Origin seeing an explosion of content on their platforms. Facebook wanting a piece of the action seems to be an attempt to take back some of the revenue lost when casual gaming shifted to mobile.

A standalone downloadable client does give it the opportunity to have bigger, immersive experiences and partnering with Unity ensures a massive amount of content in a short amount of time. However it will be interesting to see if an audience for hardcore games exists on a network that’s as mainstream as it can get for its time.

PS4 Slim Leak Shows All Matte Finish and No Optical Out

PS4 Slim Leak Shows All Matte Finish and No Optical Out
  • Images of what could be the PS4 Slim have been leaked
  • It sports an all matte finish
  • An optical out port is missing this time around

Images of what could be a slimmer, smaller variant of the PS4 have emerged on popular gaming forum NeoGAF and online classifieds site Gumtree.

The console sports an all matte finish, with Eject and Power buttons on the left. While it still maintains the rhombus shape, the sharp edges are now rounded. Rubber grips which were present at the bottom of the PS4 are nowhere to be found on the PS4 Slim. The optical out port which was present on the original PS4 is missing too. This means specific headsets and other audio gear will probably not be compatible with the PS4 Slim. Surprisingly, it will be available in a 500GB capacity, which is on the lower side given most game sizes. This has a model number CUH-2016A.

ps4_slim_back.jpgThis isn’t out of the realm of possibility. In the past we’ve seen the PS3 get a size reduction almost three years after release in 2009 while the PS1 and PS2 had smaller revisions to their hardware as well. And now it seems that the PS4 will receive the same treatment.

In June, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Macquarie Securities analyst Damian Thong said Sony might also introduce a smaller PS4 along with the PS4 Neo. Thong believes they would be revealed at a game show in September.

There has been speculation on what to expect from Sony in addition to the PS4 Neo, for which the company finally announced an event on September 7. Although Sony has yet to confirm the existence of the PS4 Slim, we won’t be surprised to see it making an appearance at the same event.

ps4_slim_wires.jpgSony’s long-rumoured September PlayStation event, where the company is expected to launch a mid-cycle upgrade for the PS4 known as the PS4 Neo. The event is slated for September 7 at 3pm ET in New York City, which will be September 8 at 12:30am here in India. Incidentally, the Japanese electronics giant had also chosen NYC as the place to showcase the original PS4 back in 2013.

Mortal Kombat XL Coming to PC Soon

Mortal Kombat XL Coming to PC Soon
  • Creator Ed Boone has hinted that Mortal Kombat XL is coming to PC
  • This comes eight months after publisher Warner Bros said it would not
  • It contains all downloadable content as well as the base game

A few days ago, Ed Boone, creator of the Mortal Kombat series hinted at bringing Mortal Kombat XL to PC.

In addition to Ed Boone’s tweets, updates to SteamDB – a third party site that tracks Steam listings, show a particular app renamed to MKXL Enhanced Online Beta.There hasn’t been an official announcement from publisher Warner Bros just yet.

Considering that Shadow of Mordor 2 was a no-show at E3 2016 and the Batman remasters are still a way off, bringing Mortal Kombat XL to PC might seem like a peace offering to PC gamers but could just very well be the only other major release the company has this year. Well, aside from Lego Star Wars.

This version of the game contains Mortal Kombat X and all its downloadable content (DLC). It was limited to the PS4 and Xbox One, much to the ire of a rather vocal PC fanbase. At the time a studio representative took to popular Mortal Kombat forum, TestYourMight.com to confirm that the Mortal Kombat XL would not be making it to PC.

“Mortal Kombat XL and Kombat Pack 2 will available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One only,” said NetherRealm’s Community Specialist Tyler Landsdown.

In the same discussion, fans realised that it sold nearly half a million units on Steam. The data wasdiscovered on Steam Spy, a third-party service that tracks sales on Steam. It’s known for its fairly accurate sales estimates. Around 500,000 units sold is not too bad considering how poorly it was received at launch, forcing users to download most of the game even if they did buy it on disc.